St Mirren WFC Drive their Commercial Growth with Game Changing Media 


Sports marketing agency Game Changing Media has announced a new strategic partnership with St Mirren FC Women & Girls Academy, that will see them use digital, data and innovative marketing techniques as a way to drive commercial growth. 

The women’s team formed in 2018, are currently in League One, and have big ambitions.  

From humble grassroot beginnings, the team have achieved so much in the past few years and have their sights on playing at the very top level of women’s football. 

Commercial Director, Paula Wingate Owner of Influential Minds, is at the forefront of the clubs commercial strategy. Instrumental in driving this strategy and she has already made a massive impact in gaining support from SME’s in terms of sponsorship of the team.  

On top of this, they have cultivated a strong business community with their “business club for relentless people” that they host at St Mirren stadium each month.   

Sharon McFarlane, managing director of Game Changing Media stated: “It’s fantastic to see so much interest in the women’s game, and we are delighted to get behind the team at St Mirren FC Women & Girls Academy.   

What’s refreshing is that it’s led by strong, forward-thinking women who are receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things. 

Often there’s the attitude of “we’ve always done it this way”, but to work with a club that is so keen on out of the box ideas, engaging the fans and sponsors is something that is priceless for us.  

That’s why we know we will work so well together. 

Partnerships are key for us, and the relationship that the team has with their sponsors is so encouraging to see, and we can’t wait to see this evolve and grow.”

Paula Wingate, commercial director of St Mirren FC Women & Girls Academy stated: It’s an absolute dream of ours to partner up with such a talented sports marketing agency such as Game Changing Media. 

We are really driven to raise our profile and strive to become first choice when girls are choosing a football team to play for. 

We are very ambitious in growing the right support network for our women and girls to thrive and succeed in women’s football and their welfare is very important to us at St Mirren FC Women & Girls Academy 

This is why it’s so imperative to partner up with the right sports marketing agency so we can help our players really thrive and succeed in women’s football. 

We really care about our women and girls footballers. 

About Game Changing Media Game Changing Media is a sports marketing agency that helps clubs maximise revenue streams and commercial partnerships by creating a concrete digital presence that is essential for connecting with fans, building brand loyalty, and driving revenue.