Game Changing Media Partner with Wyre to Maximise Sponsorship Opportunities

Game Changing Media are delighted to announce a new partnership with Wyre, a Glasgow-based web platform that specialises in transitioning companies and staff to electric transportation.

With an extensive line of incredible EVs, an innovative online platform and a Salary Boost scheme that helps reduce the cost, Wyre are at the forefront of the Scottish EV revolution.

GCM will support Wyre as they continue to cement their place as one of Scotland’s leading EV providers. Through a focus on activating Wyre’s key sponsorships, such as with Partick Thistle Football Club, GCM will work to further build upon Wyre’s profile and move forward to seek out additional opportunities across the country.

Wyre Managing Director Rebecca Hansen said: “We’re very excited to announce our partnership with GCM. We believe that GCM are the perfect fit to drive engagement with customers throughout the UK and to take advantage of Wyre’s innovative Salary Sacrifice scheme that, on average, cuts employers payroll costs by £1,100 and increases employee take-home pay by more than £4,000 annually. The spirit of innovation at both firms will produce incredible results that will be a win for both our customers and the planet.”

With the environment an ever-increasing concern, Wyre are doing incredible work and GCM are delighted to have them on board as a client. This partnership will prove key and will be a vehicle through which GCM can drive towards a greener, more sustainable future. Through the implementation of a multi-faceted approach, GCM will bolster Wyre’s brand presence and maximise existing sponsorship agreements.

Game Changing Media Managing Director Sharon McFarlane said: “We are thrilled to be working with Wyre and incredibly excited to see what the future of this partnership holds. With our contacts and experience within the sports industry, we are perfectly placed to make the absolute most of Wyre’s ongoing sponsorships and seek new opportunities that will further grow the brand.”