Game Changing Media: The GCM Team Dominates at the Business Fives Charity Event

On Tuesday, Oct 21, we had the honour of taking part in the Business Fives Glasgow event. The charity football championship was a tough regime of the best of office workers who happen to be football fans going head-to-head. We, as a marketing firm with an ex-pro footballer, Jamie Mitchell, at our helm, got off […]

Game Changing Media: AI is bringing women into football management?

It seems newly re-elected FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, has some competition on the horizon. No, it’s not the 2026 World Cup, but instead a “woman” called Hope Sogni. We put “woman” in quotation marks not to question her gender, but her species. Hope has been put forward as an AI representative or alternative for real […]

What the Premier League Sponsorship Ban Means for Sports Marketing

As the richest and one of the most watched leagues in world sport, it’s unsurprising that the English Premier League has long attracted huge advertising and sponsorship deals. Whether it’s major global brands or up-and-coming tech companies, the Premier League is one of the most valuable vehicles for brand marketing.  However, an incoming ban looks […]

Three Steps to Finding the Perfect Partner for a Meaningful Sports Sponsorship

If you are considering a sports sponsorship, it’s important that you really consider it. Don’t go for the flashiest thing because you like seeing your name in lights. Sports sponsorships can be hugely beneficial, but only if you are both aiming towards the same goals. Otherwise, you’re likely to waste a lot of money and […]